• If you are displaying signs of cold or flu, the treatment should be rescheduled.

  • Contact lenses must be removed when performing treatment on the upper

  • The skin should not be inflamed in the area we are treating prior to the procedure.

  • If you have a sunburn/suntan treatment should be postponed for up to 8 weeks
    or until tan/burn signs disappear.

  • Discontinue use of any AHA and/or Retinol skincare products for 4 weeks prior
    to treatment.

  • Eyelash extensions receiving upper or lower eyelid treatment MUST have
    lashes removed prior to treatment and reapplied after 8 weeks.

  • Discontinue use of any cleaners, creams, and serums containing acids such as
    salicylic, glycolic, and lactic 4 weeks prior to having any facial fibroblast procedures performed.